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OrthoMetals is ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 certified

ISO14001 OrthoMetals

Since the foundation of the company was laid in early 2005 OrthoMetals has had a focus on delivering a trusted and respectful service to our clients. Over the years the company has grown to six employees serving over 500 crematoria spread out over three continents.

Orthopaedic implants from pets recycled for charity

Dignity Pet Crematorium has become the first pet crematorium in the world to recycle orthopaedic implants from pets to help raise funds for charity.

Our new and improved website

New website

OrthoMetals is proud to present it's new website. We have worked with our existing clients to improve our online presence and service. Besides the new design the biggest change is that a registered account is no longer necessary to order a pick-up or new containers. You can now simply fill out a from and we will spring into action.

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