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We process metals after cremation
We are a fully certified and registered company with more than 15 years of experience.  We conduct the collection and recycling of metals for more than 450 crematoria worldwide. Get to know us; we will be more than happy to demonstrate how we can serve your crematorium.

We are OrthoMetals
We are the global market leader and a family owned company
Jan Gabriëls, an active orthopaedic surgeon, and Ruud Verberne, a logistic manager and recycling expert, founded OrthoMetals in 1997.

Our mission is to provide a legitimate and environment-friendly method to process and recycle the metal remains. Jan Gabriëls sons followed in his footsteps soon after receiving their MBA degrees.  Nowadays OrthoMetals is the global leader in orthopaedic implant recycling.
A reliable, certified partner with great experience in more than 15 countries worldwide.

Get to know us
We are often invited to speak or attend trade fairs and conferences worldwide. We like to stay up to date with current affairs, to meet with our partners, and to get to know new clients we hope to serve in the future. If you know of any events of interest to OrthoMetals or if you organize an event yourself, please contact us.

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